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Several benefits can be gained by taking a little time to clean up your computer's drive. Any computer is potentially able to perform better when fewer files exist that are to be stored and kept on the machine. Any space restored in the cleaning process will of course increase load times for files that remain. And defragmentation is more effective when sufficient room is available for efficient file placement. And with your private data out of reach it is much less likely that they be seen by untrusted parties.

You can easily find many examples of drive clean software that do cleaning in different ways. One example of this software is the porn scanner type product, several are for-profit software and some are open source. This is not the only function these products are capable of, a few of them are also able to do clean up free drive space, locate and remove porno files, detect the presence of illegal or unlicensed software, and let you know how to recover your disk space.

It's easy to come up with justification for why cleaning up unused files from your hard drive can provide several tangible benefits. The overall performance of your computer, particularly while fetching documents and files from the drive varies in no small part based on how many files are on the PC's hard disk. So what is the reason for this? Why is it so? Well, when the drives contain more files, and the file allocation tables (a table of contents for files) get larger, they have more data to search through, and this takes more time each and every time a file is loaded. Due to the mechanism whereby file data is stored on the disc surface, files become fragmented (broken up into smaller pieces) and this drops read rate dramatically because the number of seeks increases. Also in regard to your personal files, when you have a large number of your personal data files, the higher the chance is that other persons using your system might discover them. Getting rid of any hard drive material that is no longer needed will make resources available again which is better for obvious reasons.