Cleaning out adult material

Despite comments to the contrary, system improvements can be made by getting rid of unnecessary files on your PC. Most computers can have their performance appreciably improved with a small count of files that must be looked after and otherwise handled by the drive storage system. Space freed up during cleaning will reduce the load on the FAT tables and improve performance. And the act of defragmenting the drive is vastly improved when sufficient room is available for efficient file placement. And with your private files cleared out the chance is lessened that their contents can be read and mishandled by anybody that is not authorized to view them.

Search the internet and you will find many cleanup tools that look at the problem of the drive cleaning process using their own techniques. One class of these tools helps detect and remove adult images and video files, and most can be found by pulling up details of the available products in an online search. This is not the only function that these software tools can do, there are many that also do free space cleaning, perform automated porn removal, discover and clean copyrighted material, and show where drive space is being used.