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Do you need a computer cleaner product to clean your computer of pornography or unwanted files? Does someone in your family download porn and fill up the hard drive with offensive pictures and movies that clog up your hard disk space? Do you have thousands of unwanted files clogging up your machine? if you answered yes to any of these questions it is likely that you need a computer cleaner to clean up your PC.

Fortunately there are plenty of cleanup tools available for you to choose from. Computer cleaners range in functionality from automated temp file cleaners right through to products that open and scan every file as they go, and check to see whether they contain pornographic material or sexual content of any type. The porn remover style of computer cleaner comes in a couple of different flavours, and all of the good ones will allow you to download a free trial. For example you can try this one or this one for yourself.

Many computer cleaners are able to permanently delete files so that they cannot be recovered by any means. They do this by overwriting the data in the file with garbage prior to deletion, sometimes multiple times, so that even the slightest hint of previous data cannot be extracted using professional forensic tools. This is a great way to protect the privacy of your personal files, and to ensure the cleanliness of your computer in the event that you would to sell the hard disk or the whole machine. Using this process none of your personal data could be uncovered by nefarious persons, regardless of the techniques they employ to retrieve it.

For simply cleaning up old temporary files, there are a number of free utilities that you can download for example CCleaner by Piriform. This tool is able to clean up quite a variety of general computer files that can slow down your PC.

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