Scan Computers For Porn and Adult Images

Analyze files to detect porn

Analyzing hard drive files to detect the presence of pornography, adult images and other unwanted files is not a difficult undertaking. A number of software tools exist that allow the operator to quickly diagnose a computer to determine if it contains any inappropriate files and to help the operator clean them if they are in fact uncovered.

To perform a porn scan using products like Snitch or Media Detective (home use) or PinPoint Auditor (enterprise use) is not a difficult task. The software products tend to take a lot of the guesswork away and simplify the procedure so that only a few button presses are required to get the job done. After a review session where the suspect files can be checked over by the operator and a decision made on whether they are to be removed or not, the computer cleaner software will delete any items that are chosen for removal.

Look in Google using key phrases such as 'remove porn' and 'hard drive cleaner' to find suitable porn cleaning tools.