Today's Topic: Clean Computer Files

Porn cleanup software, remove history

It is getting easier to stumble across naughty pictures while surfing the web at home. These incidents are happening more often than in previous years. In any case, viewing said materials can be disturbing and this could leave files behind on the computer being used. Software tools exist that claim to scan auto-matically for inappropriate porno images or movies hiding on the computer that was used. A range of cleanup functions offered by the software let you clean computer files and combined with other functionality for detection and analysis, can clean the system quickly.

These software tools can be set to perform many functions like previewing image files for obscenity, testing the contents of video files for nudity or adult contents, reviewing text files for suspicious keywords, testing the contents of zip and other archives and many more besides. As an example of the advanced processing, the image and movie scanning functions undertake quick but accurate scans and simplify the process for the operator.

A 30 day demo can be obtained from the website which simplifies evaluation.