Remove Porn Files From Your PC

Porn cleanup software, privacy eraser

Sometimes when looking for files on the internet you find porno accidentally when online. Since there are more porn sites on the internet all the time, this is going to happen more. Whatever the case may be, discovering unwanted files could make the viewer uneasy and worse, this could leave files behind permanently on the drive. Software products are now available that can detect the presence of unwanted naughty pictures waiting to be discovered on the hard disk. One product, Snitch privacy eraser software, ease the tedium of cleaning up the computer by automating much of the process.

The hard drive scanning products can be set to perform many functions like scanning for inappropriate images, reviewing movie files to determine if they contain porn, analyzing text-based documents for keywords, reviewing internet history logs and various others. Core tests like the image and movie ones undertake quick but accurate scans and pull results up fast.

Trial software is available to everybody letting you test the software first.