Internet Censorship and Filtering

The Power of Internet Filters

Since the birth of the internet, online usage has become more and more widespread. Because of this growth, and because of the ease of access to the web, internet filters have become a part of everyday life over time - at home, in schools and in the workplace.

While internet filtering software is by no means completely infallible, it certainly has given parents, teachers and employers the power to censor web content and allow their charges to view only that which is deemed suitable or appropriate.

The demand for such software applications has encouraged some internet service providers to include filtering capablities into their browsers. Other internet filters are sold as stand-alone applications, but are reported to often be just as effective as their built-in counterparts.

Making a Difference

The primary target market for internet filters is, of course, those individuals and organizations responsible for the care and well-being of children, and the web is full of useful advice that can help parents and teachers choose the right filtering measures for their specific needs.

While the internet is a powerful and useful tool capable of many good things, including teaching and expanding the eager minds of our youth, it can also potentially have a detrimental effect on those same children. Ongoing improvement in world technology can ensure you can make a difference in deciding what your family can view on the internet.