Remove Porn Files From Your PC

Porn cleanup software, hard drive eraser

Sometimes when looking for files on the internet you find pornography images when looking for information on the internet. More and more children are accidentally discovering porn on the internet as time goes on and the internet grows. When this happens, discovering inappropriate files might offend the person using the computer and if this happens, it will leave behind undesirable material on the PC. Products have been developed that say they can use algorithms to detect unsuitable naughty pictures that have taken up residence on the system. Probably the best known software in the 'porn remover' category is Hyperdyne's Snitch hard drive eraser, it is one of the best examples of the genre.

The scanning applications can perform scanning passes like auto-testing images, reviewing movie files to determine if they contain porn, checking text files against keyword lists, scanning browser history for porn site visitations plus other tests for suspicious items. Take for example the image and video analysis capabilities that will use the power of the computer to run checks and will quickly reveal if unsuitable files exist on the computer being scanned.

Potential purchasers can download a free trial and this ensures that prospective customers know exactly what they are buying.