Today's Topic: Media Detective

Porn cleanup software, remove history

Whether they want to or not, users can be exposed to pornographic materials when using the internet. Or unsuitable items might be received in emails, or other methods. Yet irrespective of how the files showed up, finding these undesirables can have negative effects on the computer user and as well, this can leave undesirable files that savvy users could retrieve. Software tools exist that claim to scan for undesirable porno images or movies lying dormant in the computer's storage devices. Probably the best known software in the 'porn remover' category is Hyperdyne's Snitch media detective, and if we can believe the talk, is one of the best.

Depending on the product being discussed, these tools can be set to perform many functions like testing image files for porn, analyzing movies for nudity, looking for keywords within text scannable files, comparing file extension with file contents and a range of other tests. The application's scanning of photographs for example will use the power of the computer to run checks and rapidly sort normal images from unsuitable ones.

Trial versions can be downloaded from the product web pages and this means there is no pressure, you test the software at your own convenience.