Simpsons Porn - Seemingly harmless adult material ruled 'child porn'

Recently a judge decided that cartoon pornography including such material as "Simpsons porn" is not just an innocent representation of consenting sexual activity, but can in fact be classed as child pornography if it contains suitably 'childlike' characters such as Bart Simpson or Lisa Simpson. the ruling revolves around a case in which a man was arrested after being found with hand drawn pictures containing representations of characters from The Simpsons television program, in this case Bart and Lisa, in which they were seen to be participating in sexual congress with adults.

The judge in this case noted that even though the participants in the pictures were not real persons in the strict sense, the existence of the material could in and of itself, provoke demand for material which does in fact exploit kids. And therefore in this case the judge ruled that the man in possession of the so called 'Simpsons porn' was in breach of the law.

We can see from this unfortunate situation that the need to keep one's computer clean of inappropriate materials that others could misinterpret, is stronger than ever. And even fictional characters such as those mentioned in the previous case, are not acceptable when it comes to depiction in Simpsons porn imagery.

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