Delete and Filter Porn

High Risk

Porn on the internet has become a source of growing concern in recent years, particularly for parents and teachers. With internet so easily accessible on the web these days, and the majority of school aged kids being computer literate, illicit and even illegal sites can be accessed and viewed by even the very young. Controlling the porn problem is not easy, and neither is finding the evidence if you want to delete porn from a computer.

Workplace computers can be just as susceptible to the porn problem, and in the workplace, there's just as urgent a need to clamp down on the issue. Not only can this problem affect productivity, but it can also carry heavy penalties for those involved.

Monitor, Maintain and Remove

Some people will tell you it's possible to delete porn from a computer, while others are more sceptical. However all parents, teachers and employers have a duty to remain vigilant and at least try to manage what is downloaded or saved on the home, school or work PC - not to mention an obligation to monitor what those under their care can get access to in the first place.