Remove Porn Files From Your PC

Porn cleanup software, delete media history

Frequently, users of the web can expose themselves to unsuitable material accidentally when online. These incidents are happening more often than in previous years. Sometimes when exposure occurs, finding these items can be disturbing and in the process, this can leave traces of undesirables on the permanent storage media. Software tools exist that claim to detect material such as whatever obscene images that live on the computer's hard disk. Most of these products will help you delete media history and purge undesirable material that you want gone.

In general, these software applications perform automated tests which include testing images for nudity, checking for porn in video files, analyzing text-based documents for keywords, testing the contents of zip and other archives and various others. Just the tests on images and videos do smart scans and will quickly reveal if unsuitable files exist on the computer being scanned.

The software can be downloaded in trial form before purchasing so you can try out the program first.