Cleanup Hard Drive Files - Delete All Porn

Parental control software aids in deletion of porn

On occasion it is necessary to clean hard drive resource to get rid of unnecessary files, not only to reduce clutter and improve system performance but also to make sure there are no inappropriate items for other family members to find. Unwanted adult files can arrive in a number of unexpected ways; porn can be unintentionally downloaded by visiting 'fringe' websites, or somebody can intentionally view or download it without your knowledge or consent. You may say 'not in my family' but the sexual drive is strong and can lead to unexpected behaviour even among those we hold dearest. It has been proven time and time again that spouses are revealed to have pornography addiction over many years without their partner or children even being aware of it.

Children are also subject to the strong pull of sexual drives, and are often curious about 'what all the fuss is about' with regards to online porn. It is not difficult to find, particularly by internet savvy kids, and if they are trusted by parents and not observed while using the internet, they can be attracted to satisfy their curiosity by viewing undesirable images and video files.

Whether the parents are concerned about this is one thing, but having lewd and possibly illegal porn on the home computer without the knowledge of the parents can cause problems. A techician repairing the system might discover and report inappropriate items, or a visitor to the household may accidentally stumble across something on the hard drive that offends them, or children of the same household may be similarly exposed.

These are concerns that are easily assuaged by managing possible infection by performing regular drive cleanups that detect and delete all porn. Software parental controls exist specifically for this purpose.