Cleaning Up Means Speeding Up

How To Clean Your Hard Drive

Cleaning up your computer can be as easy as 1-2-3. There are a variety of things that can be done in the process of cleaning up your hard drive including deletion of temporary internet files and .tmp files, and uninstalling unused programs and applications, just to name a few.

Other methods of conducting a computer clean up include defragging your hard disk, cleaning out your recycle bin, and deleting outdated emails. Prevention and elimination of spyware and adware, and erasing unwanted and unnecessary files are also suggested methods to clean hard drive files, as is the more drastic measure of completely reformatting the computer's disk.

Set Up a Clean Up Schedule

Some of these, and other maintenance steps, need to be done infrequently while others require a little more attention. The most sensible thing any computer owner can do to minimize the chances of their computer slowing down, and to protect their valuable information from possible loss, is to set up a clean up and maintenance schedule and stick to it.