Getting Back to a Clean Computer

Return Your Computer to a Clean State

A lot of us would love to restore our computer's drive to its original, clean state - or something closely resembling that state - but we often don't bother to take the time. Experts say that it's well worth the time, as a clean computer can improve the machine's speed and efficiency, as well improving the user's efficiency and sanity. Hard drive cleaner software can also improve system performance and operator productivity.

But just how far do you have to do, and how much time and money do you need to spend, in order to bring that PC to its original pristene, clean condition?

How Far Should I Go?

A computer clean up can range from simply defragmenting the drive to completely wiping your drive and starting from scratch. Another path to maintaining a clean computer could be the location and deletion of certain file types, such as pornography and other inappropriate material. Of course, it also doesn't hurt to clean your machine in the physical sense, as a build up of dust particles can also seriously hamper the performance of a computer.

As you can see, there are many levels of restoring your PC. The important thing is to take the time - it's well worth it to have a clean computer.