Today's Topic: Clean Porn

Porn cleanup software, remove history

It is very easy to accidentally access inappropriate content when researching on the internet. These incidents are happening more often than in previous years. When this occurs, discovering unwanted files can have negative effects on the computer user and worse, this can leave traces of undesirables that a technician could find. Products can be downloaded and installed that can use algorithms to detect existing offensive material that exist there on the hard disk. Advanced products like Snitch can clean porn with smart processing, and clean up unwanted files on your hard drives using intelligent scanning techniques.

Depending on the product being discussed, these tools have features such as previewing image files for obscenity, looking for porn content in movies, analyzing text-based documents for keywords, checking for suspicious internet activity and many more besides. Core tests like the image and movie ones do smart scans that can sort nudity from other standard images.

A trial of the software can be downloded free and this means you can put it through its paces without any risk.