Today's Topic: What's a Drive Cleaner Useful For?

Drive cleaner software such as CCleaner from Piriform are great tools for getting rid of temporary Internet files, Internet history, unwanted files in the recycle bin, unused files, and any other kind of stored files that you no longer require or would like to be rid of. That is except for 'porn'. Removal and detection of pornography requires a different kind of utility that understands the difference between images and video files that contain pornography, and image and video files that do not. Drive cleaners such as Snitch have been specifically designed to rapidly search through all the files on your hard drive and use their unique understanding of the characteristics of porn, to accurately find and clean up any files matching the porn classification on your drive.

Tools such as CCleaner as mentioned before, are very good at searching for and finding files that match a certain file type or size, and cleaning them. But because porn files require special treatment in terms of detection, only specialized drive cleaner algorithms that recognize the nuances of adult material in the context of visual files such as pictures and movies, that's right, only mature tools with the best and most accurate technology are in a position to accurately clean your drives and keep them clean. Efficient application of high speed scanning techniques is key to the success of these tools, and drive cleaners must be able to scan any type of drive or disk, whether that be USB drive, hard disk, backup media, etc.

Whatever your requirements, there are many suitable drive cleaners to meet your needs, and of course your budget.

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