Remove Porn Files From Your PC

Porn cleanup software, remove history

It is not just 'porn surfers' that end up with porn on their computer after using the internet, even perfectly innocent internet activity by innocent users can cause unwanted files to be downloaded inadvertently to the users' computers. Sometimes inappropriate files may be downloaded from peer to peer networks. In any case, suddenly seeing this material could make the viewer uneasy and in doing so, could leave evidence of the incident behind on the hard disk. There are now products that are able to detect content such as inappropriate naughty pictures that are to be found on the PC. For example, Snitch by Hyperdyne Software will help you remove history and together with additional analysis and scanning methods, can rid your computer of undesirables.

Pornography detection software products are capable of performing scanning passes, such as testing image files for porn, testing the contents of video files for nudity or adult contents, checking text files against keyword lists, reviewing internet history logs and a range of other tests. Just the image and movie tests can reduce manual work significantly, they automatically do tests and pull results up fast.

Prior to purchasing the software can be evalutated at no charge for 30 days and this means you can put it through its paces without any risk.