Remove Porn Files From Your PC

Porn cleanup software, PC cleaner

It is very easy to locate pornographic materials while searching for information online. It is inevitable that this will occur more as kids get increasing access to the world wide web. When this occurs, seeing such files can disturb the viewer and additionally, can leave undesirable files for future users to find. Software products are now available that can use algorithms to detect offensive porn waiting to be discovered on the computer for others to find. Probably the best known software in the 'porn remover' category is Hyperdyne's Snitch PC cleaner, possibly the foremost tool in its class.

These forensic applications perform automated tests which include using computer analysis to check images, automatically opening and scanning video files, using keyword and phrases to check for inapropriate text files, testing the contents of zip and other archives as well as a selection of other tests. Just the image and movie tests undertake quick but accurate scans and quickly show inappropriate files as separate from typical photos.

Potential purchasers can download a free trial so you can confirm it does what it promises.