Today's Topic: Media Detective

The internet is full of software packages that in each case, view the problem of cleaning up a hard drive from varying perspectives. A typical example is 'Media Detective' style software, which is designed to detect and clean porn from computers. Several are for-profit software and some are open source. However there are more things that these software tools can do, there are many that also do free space cleaning, clean up porn files, detect pirated software, and help with free space recovery.

We can discuss several hard disk cleaning possibilities; the first option is to select files manually, second, you might use a software tool which will help reduce time involved. Manual scanning means stepping through all directories within the drive and then making a decision about which data files can go, and getting rid of them in your own time. This is less risky than scanning the drive with software tools but can be a burden. Utilities for cleaning hard drives that use information such as the file accessed date, and internally build a table of files and folders that are then used to clean up the drive with no user intervention.