What you can do to delete an porn on your PC

I was recently in a discussion with a group of parents, and we were talking about the main issues of concern they had regarding having a computer in the home environment, where children can access it. One of the key concerns that parents had was that children might be exposed to inappropriate adult material while using the Internet. Another of their primary worries was that their child might stumble across inappropriate files that were already on the computer, either from somebody else using the computer, or from spyware or malware infection. I mentioned that it is a simple matter to obtain and use a porn removal program, such as this one, to scan automatically for unsuitable files and then delete porn easily. Most parents seem surprised at finding and deleting porn on the computer was much easier than they had believed, and they were relieved to hear that there are simple software solutions for deleting porn, that are available to everybody.

Porn deletion software comes in several forms, but probably the best kind is the type that is able to detect nudity in visual content such as images and video files, without the operator having to open each file individually and determine for themselves whether the file should be removed. This automation capability is made possible through the use of technology that can detect skin tones and other key elements that are typically involved in adult content. And this makes the drive cleanup process for non-expert personnel much easier because the software takes the time-consuming analysis and review steps and automates them, saving time and effort on the behalf of parents.

Incidentally porn deletion software typically includes functionality to scan other file types as well, specifically those that may be used to hide porn files; for example storing downloaded porn inside a compressed file, inside another metafile such as a PDF, office document such as Word or Excel, and renaming files so that they appear to be innocuous, such as changing the JPEG extension on an image to TXT. These deletion tools are typically able to look inside these other containing file formats, and uncovered various other methods of hiding files on a hard drive.

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